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Farm Stand

at Out Post Farm


There’s always something new at our farm stand. We offer a wide array of fresh homemade pies and baked goods, fruit from local orchards, heat & serve dinner entrees, frozen breads and desserts, fresh flowers, and produce and our own turkeys.

Our Produce

Out Post is committed to using growing the freshest produce using the best agriculture and sustainable environmental practices. We prioritize the health of the land, employees, and customers. We currently grow on several properties of protected farmland in different parts of Holliston. We are committed as land stewards to continue farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. 

In addition to produce and turkeys, we seek out the highest quality, freshest, and most local and natural products we can find. Most of them are grown or produced right here in Massachusetts. 

Weekly Produce Boxes

The Season's Freshest Produce

Produce Boxes

Our produce box is at least one half-bushel of Out Post Farm grown produce that we are harvesting that week. Your box will typically include 6-8 different vegetables each week. We recommend one box for families/groups with 2-4 people. In your box, you will find a full representation of the crops we are harvesting at that point in the season. The weekly produce box typically starts in mid-June and is available throughout the growing season. 


From Out Post Farm


Out Post grows and sells our own flowers. We grow a variety of blooms, including Zinnias, Cosmos, Salvia, and Snapdragons. We don’t use any pesticides.

The flowers are available at our farmstore and at farmers markets from July through September. We also offer flower arrangements for events and occasions.

Our flowers stay fresh for longer than many store-bought arrangements, because we pick them fresh daily. When you bring them home, keep them cool and use plenty of water.

Market Share Cards

at Out Post Farm

Market Share Cards

A market share card is the perfect way to access your favorite Out Post Farm products all year long. Valid until December 31 2021, your market share card gives you a discount on every purchase from Out Post Farm using your card. Your market share card is used just like a gift card, and can be used on anything from sandwiches to produce to flowers. You can pick up your market share card in the farm stand after you place your order.

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